The internet is laughing at Bryan Adams: the only three tweets you need to read

The amusement on Twitter this afternoon has been largely mocking Bryan Adams for his unlikely intervention into UK politics asking for people to support Brexit.

There’s basically three jokes and we’ve picked the best examples of each.

1. Deliberately misunderstanding him:

2. Going lol about forgotten musicians:

3. And puns on his songs – many version of this but Baddiel’s the best:

We also enjoyed this comment from @chreestol, “Spent the last half hour looking through Bryan Adams’ instagram, just reading comments from horny old women. It’s been great.”

She has a point – it appears to be largely full of women getting his lyrics tattooed on themselves. Who knew that was a thing!

Notice me Bryan!

Me Bryan! Notice me!


Seriously there’s loads of the stuff – we quite enjoyed it to be honest, that under every stone you look the world is an odder place than we all imagine.