A landlord used CCTV to find why out the tumble dryer made clothes smell of pee and what he found is pretty funny actually

EyeAmCaverage is a Landlord and he told Reddit, “Tenants called complaining that when they used the dryer, their clothes smelled like urine. Did some investigation and solved the case !”

Case Solved!

Redditors asked if the perpetrator was punished and EyeAmCaverage said, “The family didn’t suffer any consequences for this. We couldn’t find out who the child belonged to. For months I would try to identify him everytime I visited the property, but had no luck. I’m almost positive he was the son of a family who was later evicted for non-payment.”

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/4ievid/tenants_called_complaining_that_when_they_used/