So the new Microsoft “caption bot” is hilariously bad at captions: the only three tweets you need

Today the internet is having fun with the new Microsoft bot that sticks automatic captions on photos.

Given their last AI project (a teen sex bot that loved Hitler) – what could go wrong?

Twitter users have been going mad for uploading pictures and seeing what nonsense it’ll spit out:

1. Firstly it’s called out the moon landings as fake: “I’m not really confident, but I think it’s a man standing on top of a dirt field.”

2. Then it’s decided that Hitler is… well, you read it: “I’m not really confident, but I think it’s a man holding a baseball bat”

3. And finally just er… nope

If you want to have fun uploading ridiculous things to the bot and join in the fun then make sure you share your results too.

And to think we managed to write this up without calling it a CRAPTION BOT.

Oh, oops.