Reuters policy of replacing the terms “the Queen” with “Queen Elizabeth” has produced hilarious results…

Evolutionary biology Dan Graur has spotted an amazing error from Reuters: in a style guide attempt to “do the right thing” they automatically replaced “The Queen” with “Queen Elizabeth” and oh my, you should read this:

Queen Elizabeth has 10 times the lifespan of workers and lays up to 2,000 eggs a day. Despite having tiny brains, honey bees display honed cognitive abilities and learn to associate a flower’s color, shape and scent with food, which increases its foraging ability.

With its highly evolved social structure of tens of thousands of worker bees commanded by Queen Elizabeth, the honey bee genome could also improve the search for genes linked to social behavior.

This error was originally published in the book “Regret the Error?” ooh ten years ago but it’s still as funny as chips so we’re publishing it again OK?

Also enjoyable is the time a Christian site auto-replaced “gay” for “homosexual”…

Lord have mercy!