Remembering when Daily Mail readers lost their minds over “multicultural Thomas The Tank Engine”

So the Daily Mail ran a story about Thomas The Tank Engine going all “multicultural” and it was hilarious:

But the fun bit is the reader’s reaction – they’ve lost their tiny minds in apoplexy that there could be trains of non-English origin in this show.

Remember, this is fictional trains in a children’s TV show we’re talking about.


So here’s 9 of the best, most spluttering of Tunbridge Wells comments:

1. JamesUKIP is angry at a fictional train

“The UK’s now destroyed. WTF!!!”

2. “So how long before they remove Thomas altogether because he’s no longer representative of the children being born in Britain?”

3. Barry Noden is angry at a fictional train

“Remember Noddy was deemed not PC. This is ridiculous. Bring back Robertson’s Golly.”

4. “Where is Tariq from ISIS? Keep it real!”

5. “Marxists just cannot pass up another opportunity to mess with kids’ heads.”

6. Keith is angry at a fictional train

“You have to be kidding, next it’s going to be postman Pat eL”

7. “Thomas and Percy are getting married and the fat controller announces he is gender fluid”

8. “This is how they ruined the Wombles! Keep it British! Oops, am I allowed to say that?”

9. Nick is angry at a fictional train

“I’m off. I’m leaving. Everything precious about the English culture is being destroyed. Even this.”

And finally: “I’m disappointed there isn’t a left wing trans bi sexual engine, because isn’t that really what children want to see? Of course it is.”

Blimey. Imagine getting that angry about fictional trains. But you’re a Poke reader, so we know you’re better than that.