Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence beaten by IKEA instructions

Google’s revolutionary artificial intelligence program has been beaten by the instructions for IKEA’s Liatorp TV storage unit, it has been revealed.


The DeepMind ‘AlphaGo’ program recently won a championship against the world’s best Go player, but has now been comprehensively defeated after being tasked with making sense of the instructions for assembling the Liatorp TV unit.

The match started out well for Google’s AI, with the program showing a basic understanding the instructions to assemble the bookcase section of the unit, but was ultimately defeated when it came to the tricky glass door section.

“Our system is designed to use deep learning to solve problems,” said Demis Hassabis, who founded the company in 2010.

“But clearly that’s completely irrelevant with the IKEA system of assembly, which seems to be based on a mixture of sheer blind luck and some kind of weird Scandinavian magic.”

“Clearly in future we need to give the AI some kind of incentive if it wants to beat IKEA instructions, such as a wife or husband standing over it saying “If you can’t build it I suppose we can just pay someone who can.”