People are sharing things that look like penises and it’s mildly chucklesome

Over on Reddit people are using a subreddit called mildlypenis to share images of things that “mildly resemble a penis”.

So here’s the best 21 they’ve ever spotted:

1. This bottle of Dove anti-perspirant

2. This rock held by Captain Kirk

3. The inflatable bit for your mouth on this Spiderman

4. This woman’s tongue

5. This hat

6. This bit of mould

7. This finger

8. Also this finger

9. This chair

10. This explosion

11. These two iPhone cracks

12. This orange segment

13. This foot poking behind Emma Watson

14. This pothole

15. This guy’s chin

16. This rock

17. This woman’s knee

18. This newsreader’s jacket


19. The way Kristen Stewart’s tied her jumper

20. This “alpha” symbol on a Casio calculator

21. This coat rack

And finally… This soap dispenser gif

Want more? Head over to mildlypenis now.