Musicians’ brains: each instrument broken down into pie charts

The superb Classic FM have made a brilliant series of pie-charts which they describe as “Musicians’ brains: each instrument broken down into pie charts.

“What percentage of a musician’s brain thinks about which issues? We’ve conducted a scientific analysis.”

So take it away Classic FM (who are on 100 – 102 FM, we know because we’ve just turned them on in tribute):

Brain Of A Pianist

Brain Of A Singer

Brain Of A Violinist

Brain Of A Cellist

Brain Of A Clarinettist

Brain Of A Conductor

Brain Of A Double Bassist

Brain Of A Flautist

Brain Of A Percussionist

Brain Of A Timpanist

Brain Of A Trombonist

Brain Of A Tubist

Brain Of A Violist

Brain Of An Oboist

Source: The wonderful