11 Kent Problems

Kent may be the garden of England, but living there can come with its own unique set of problems, as highlighted by these local newspaper headlines.

1. Your pets aren’t safe.

2. Likewise, you aren’t safe – especially from the undead.

3. You also have to worry about this kind of thing happening.

4. Shops can sell out of important, vital supplies.

5. And when they do have food, you can’t trust it.

6. People can be a bit too eager to get rid of you.

7. Nothing is sacred for some thieves (Londoners, probably. Bloody DFL’s).

8. Crime can be so bad, drastic steps have to be taken to deal with the criminal element.

9. Tourists may end up unwittingly exposed to the darker side of Tunbridge Wells.

10. You have the Whitstable Times and the Herne Bay Times competing for your attention.

11. While living in Kent may have its problems, they do know how to celebrate.