Modern hero! This man watched a film at home and only checked his phone 4-5 times

A man from Kent has managed to watch an entire feature film at home and only looked at his phone four or five times while it was on, it has been revealed.


“How he sat there for nearly two hours and only looked at his phone a few times is beyond me,” said one Twitter user, who started referring to the individual as the ‘Ashford Attention Man’ on the social media site.


“It was quite tough, at first,” said the man, who wishes to remain anonymous. “I initially looked at my phone a few minutes into the film because I thought it had vibrated, but it hadn’t.”

“Then later I looked the film up on IMDB to see who one of the actors was, because they looked quite familiar and I couldn’t place them. After that it was smooth sailing and I only looked a few times to see who had replied to a group WhatsApp chat about going to the pub tomorrow night.”

“But of course I couldn’t have done it without my family – as I just constantly asked them questions about the film instead of looking up the answers myself.”