People are vandalising Jeremy Hunt’s Wikipedia page and every edit is rude and superb

Wow. Jeremy Hunt’s Wikipedia page is a car crash at the moment – every single edit of the last few days has been abuse in response to his terrible push through of the unfair junior doctor contracts.

There’s so many edits we can can’t run them all – but here’s ten of our favourites:


2. “Total Arsehole”

3. “He enjoys shagging pigs with his friend David Cameron”

4. “Tosser”

5. “Ministry of Magic”

6. “Jeremy Kunt”

7. Richard “Head”

8. “Slytherin”

9. “Pathological Liar, NHS Dismantler-in-chief”

10. “and so far, is doing a terrible job”

As The Poke is a responsible news organisation we implore everyone to stop doing this terrible, terrible vandalism