Wow! Comic book genius Alan Moore donates £10,000 to help a couple embroiled in an immigration row stay together

Alan Moore, best known for V for comic books Vendetta and The Watchmen, has made a stunning and generous intervention into an immigration case involving a British man, Graham Cousins and his foreign born wife Paula.

Alan has donated £10,000, the amount the immigration service says they need in their bank account before she’s allowed to live in the UK.

The letter is worth reading in full, and to prevent you squinting we’ve made a full transcript below.

Source: – Graham Cousins

To whom it may concern

I, the undersigned, wish to make it known that I am making a free and clear gift of a cheque for £10,000, payable to Mr. Graham Cousins. The reason I am making this gift is, to be frank, my continuing incredulous disgust over the manner in which Mr. Cousins and his wife Paula have been kept separate for what is now a number of years.

In my first communication on this matter, in January 2014, I found it difficult to suppose that there wasn’t some unpleasant racial issue at the heart of the continual rejections.

Now, after witnessing two intervening years of what seems to me like deliberate goalpost-moving regarding the amount Mr. Cousins is expected to have in his bank account before his wife can enter the country, I am led to to ask if the official cash amount demanded on those making an appeal is, simply, “more than they can afford”?

And I ask again, if the basis for this is not racism, would somebody be kind enough to explain what this reasoning is actually based on?

This is, in my opinion, a shameful way to run an immigration service. The monetary gift is made in the hope that it may contribute to breaking this wretched and inexplicable deadlock.

I remain,

Alan Moore

Since the letter has been sent Alan Moore’s daughter has shared this story on their Facebook page were Moore’s fans have also joined in, donating some cash and spreading this story around.

Graham Cousins writes, “I am totally run of my feet here with cash offers, Alan Moore looks to be the difference his fans have been fantastic,for once I don’t know what to f***** say. ”

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Who knew that the lovely old thing had a heart of absolute gold? He’s like the anti-racist Father Christmas!


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