20 Reasons Why Local News Is The Best News

The greatest journalism in the world is British Journalism. Not The Sun or The Daily Mail, but the local papers, where the real stories happen.

1. Top story of the week

2. Important National issues

3. Current Events

4. Shocking revelations

5.  Corruption at high levels

6. Investigations

7. The people have their voices heard

8. Violent crime is reported

9. Court cases are observed

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10. Shocking

11. Disgusting scenes

12. Stories that could be made into movies

13. People get off too easily

14. Worst superhero ever

15. Immigrants are everywhere

16. Sensational exclusives

17. The stories no other papers would touch

18. The next taken movie is in pre production

19. One man’s story

20. Like scenes from a hollywood gangster flick

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