The week on Twitter


The wonderful and bizarre world of twitter guides us through the last 7 days in brilliant fashion.

Sensational science…

Took us a while…

On fifty shades…

Makes an ass out of you and me….

And a lottery win…

Kate Middleton’s hair


A test of equanimity

A special guest…

Trying to give up things for lent

Lying can help you get out of awkward situations

We see the early career of Sam Smith

It was Valentine’s Day

And the start of Lent

Romantic messages are sent

The greatest gif ever is discovered (until someone discovers the next ‘greatest gif ever’)

Valuable life lessons are taught

And stories are told

On politics

And in more disturbing ways.

Meanwhile in showbiz news

A murder case develops

Relationship goals.

Cleaning tip

Surprise celebrity findings

What they never teach you in history lessons

Glastonbury is revealed

Serious business is attended to

How to deal with spiders

How to look normal


Solving the Ant crisis

And Unicorn problems

And Karma catches up with you