30 Reasons To Love Australia

Australia Day is on January 26th and commemorates the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson in 1788.

So let’s look at the many reasons why Australia is the greatest country on earth to be called Australia! (Some NSFW things ahead)

1. Australia is a proud nation.

2. Everyone is very friendly.

3. They take road safety very seriously

4. Australians have a relaxed dress code.

5. And enjoy a high standard of public toilets.

6. Australians have a love/hate relationship with nature.


8. They have an entirely different comprehension of ‘risk’

9. Australians hold strong political views.

10. Their leaders are impeccably qualified

11. They take a serious approach to health and safety.

12. And enjoy outdoor dining.

13. They take a subtle approach to advertising.

14. Garages are reasonably priced.

15. And motorists can buy all the essentials.

16. Beer comes with a serving suggestion.

17. Students take education seriously.

18. It can get REALLY hot

19. Businesses have convenient opening hours.

20. But sadly still suffer from crime.

21. The koalas,

22. Their media’s respect for Hollywood celebrities.

23. Their pigs.

24. Australia’s Toronga Zoo Has Everything.

25. The heritage.

26. The journalism.

27. The no-nonsense tourism campaigns.

28. Sydney street art.

29. Magnus has the right idea.

30. You’ll never look at Australia the same way again.

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