Club 18-30 Reps Drafted In To Make A&E Waiting Times ‘Fun’

Health News: The NHS has drafted in Club 18-30 holiday reps to help hospitals deal with the worst A&E waiting times in ten years.


“The holiday reps will bring a little bit of fun and sunshine to overcrowded waiting rooms,” said Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health.

“You might have broken your arm and won’t see a doctor for six hours – but these enthusiastic, fun young people will make the hours fly past with a range of hilarious drinking games and plenty of risqué banter.”

“It won’t be like sitting around in a crowded hospital waiting room, but more like a short holiday in the Costa del Healthcare!”

The reps will receive extensive training in adapting medical equipment into ‘booze bongs’ for chugging back generous quantities of alcohol – such as speed drinking sambuca from an IV drip, as well as firing shots of Jägermeister out of a large syringe normally used for rinsing out wounds or large abscesses.

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