That Thorne Travel Ad: ‘Thriller’ Remix!

Remember that Thorne Travel Ad? In the forever present tense of the internet, when things can only happen now, the casual delight of seeing those travel agents march up and down the high street, dispensing brochures and friendly advice to music, probably seems to you as if from a different, bygone age.

In fact it was just a few days ago. ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson – now that is from a bygone age, a time when MJ was both still alive and still black. In this season of monsters, what could be more unholy, more monstrous, then fusing the two together – the boy-king of pop, and the premier league of estate agent kitsch – only to then sacrifice the resultant beast-child on that unspeakable altar of dark arts known as ‘the mash-up’?

Anyway, here it is, bought to you by the Aleister Crowley of compositing, Jonny Lang, AKA Eager Beaver Productions. Welcome to Thorne Travel… holidays to hell!

and in case you missed the best/wosrt ad of 2014 here it is again