Sad Batman Is Our New Favourite Meme

This week director Zack Snyder released an exclusive photo of Ben Affleck in his new Batman costume.

The internet agreed that he looked incredibly sad.

So the photoshoppers, tumblrists and gifologists got busy.

Here’s what happened..

1. He dropped his ice cream

2. And then kids used him for hoopla

3. He was only gone for two minutes but he got a parking ticket


4. And noone showed up to his BBQ


5. He went to the park in the rain


6. Not even a log flume ride would cheer him up


7. He was very, very sad


8. All he wanted was his PS4

9. So he took a piss in the swimming pool

10. He  was devastated to learn that Ron left Harry and Hermione

Here’s a template for you to easily create your own sad Batman. Click here for the image file.


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