10 examples of how to complain properly

Complaining, moaning, grumbling, bellyaching. Whatever you call it, we love to complain. Here are some vital tips to remember when remonstrating.

1. The customer is always right. Don’t let common sense put you off complaining, like this letter to Popular Science.

2. Be specific in your complaints. And don’t be delicate.

3. Always offer alternative solutions to ensure your complaint is dealt with quickly.

4. It’s your right to complain, no matter how trivial the moan.

5. Don’t hold back, even if your complaint has clearly pushed you to the edge.

6. Remember that your complaints may not always be dealt with professionally.

7. Be careful if you’re using social media to complain, you might not like the response.

8. Likewise, avoid T.M.I with your social media moaning.

9. Try and keep your complaint civil, no matter how awful the circumstances.

10. Finally, just remember that one day you may be the target of the complaint.