14 Conspiracies You Won’t Believe! (Because You Have An IQ Above 3)

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, be it the UKIP councillor who blamed flooding on gay marriage or those people who insist “Bush did 9/11”. Here are some people bravely fighting common sense.

1. Daylight saving time causes droughts. Clearly they are in dire need of some some gay married couples.

2. Illuminati references in the work of Simon Pegg.

3. Avril Lavigne is a reptilian shape-shifter. For more information about reptilian shape-shifters, search for it on YouTube!

4. The planes in 9/11 were fake, because of cats.

5. And of course Disney shows are packed full of Satanic and Illuminati references.

6. “This is fast food chicken” says a person who has clearly never experienced the joy of Tubby custard.

7. Wind might run out, says Texan congressman Joe Barton.

8. Someone who likes drawing triangles thinks Batman Returns is the work of the Illuminati.

9. And the scene when Justin Hammer plays golf in Iron Man 2 clearly references the Freemasons.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio demanded the real death of another actor while filming Django Unchained. He’s since appeared in various TV shows FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE.

11. Don’t forget to use cold, hard statistics to back up your claims.

12. NASA: covering up space battles since 1958.

13. Speaking of space battles, Bill Clinton ordered the STAR WARS BEAM to kill JFK Jr in order to help Hillary win votes. Isn’t love grand?

14. Just remember that some conspiracies are clearly true. We live in a WORLD OF LIES.