14 Ways To Deal With Divorce

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It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, so naturally our thoughts turn to the bitter end of relationships and divorce. Yay!

And with both Nathan Miller and his parents finding themselves up divorce creek without a marital paddle, you’d be forgiven for asking the question: “What’s the best way to deal with divorce?” While The Millers offers you some suggestions, the internet offers us other (mostly weird) ideas…

The Millers, Wednesdays at 9.30pm on Comedy Central


1. So, you’re getting divorced? Sorry about that. Hope you picked the right lawyers.

2. There are plenty of them to choose from.

3. And some are more reputable than others…

4. So – you’re freshly divorced. Consider using social media to announce your new status.

5. If you hold a gathering to mark the divorce, don’t forget the music!

6. Or the fireworks.

7. Or treat yourself to a balloon ride (just not with your ex, in case there’s “an accident”).

8. Use your car to share any wisdom your divorce has taught you.

9. Or use your car to ‘look’ for a new partner.

10. Consider getting a special cake to mark the occasion. FACT: Nobody can be sad when cake is involved.

11. In fact, it seems a cake is the most popular way to celebrate divorce.

12. Really popular. It makes you wonder if people either like divorce, or excuses for cake.

13. Although they’re not particularly subtle. But still, CAAAAAAAAAAKE!

14. Finally – just remember to avoid becoming too bitter about the end of your marriage.

The Millers, Wednesdays at 9.30pm on Comedy Central


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