24 Brilliant Business Cards

1. Chinese multimillionaire Guangbiao Chen has been making a splash lately with his interest in buying the New York Times. This is his business card.


P.S – you can generate your own version of one of these here

 2. Hollywood actor Steve Martin.

3. Mr (or Mrs) Multi-talented.

4. The photographer.

5. World’s greatest wizard.

6. The Balloon Guy.

7. The power of endorsement.

8. The plastic surgeon.

 9. The furniture maker.

 10. The cheese trader.



11. The coder.

12. Yoga teacher.

13. Attention grabbing movie writer.

14. Lego employee.

15. Divorce lawyer.

16. Psychologist.

17. Printer.

18. Greek restaurant.


19. Hair-loss specialist.


20. Professional 94-year-old.

21. Personal trainer.

22. Optometrist (eye-doctor-type-person, for anyone who doesn’t watch Holby City)

23. Just a very useful man to know.

24. This guys card doesn’t fit in a rolodex..because ‘it doesn’t belong in a rolodex’