Clash Of The Housemates: 28 Tiny Declarations Of War

Living with other people can be tough. The dishes can pile up like a filthy Mount Everest, there’s also lack of privacy and fridge-thieves to contend with. Sometimes the best way to deal with housemates is through notes. Really weird notes.

1. Dishes are like boyfriends. [via]

2. Passive aggressive Post-Its

3. This is still a good idea even if you live alone. (via)

4. The age-old ‘toilet seat up/toilet seat down’ debate. Now with spellcheck! (via)

5. Housemates and their stupid ‘rules’. (via)

6. How to spice up toilet time. (via)

7. No paper handy? Improvise with eggs! (via)

8. A visit from both the Dish Gnomes and the Sarcasm Fairy! (via)

9. Remember to look out for each other. (via)

10. Use incentives to get the washing up done. (via)

11. Privacy is important when sharing a home with others. (via)

12. Do you live with Dictionary Sam? (via)

13. Give your housemates the gift of poetry. (via)

14. Motivate your housemates with a 3D note that references the web. (via)