7 Signs You Might Be Michael Gove

Are you 100% sure that you’re not Education Secretary Michael Gove? Here are seven warning signs you should watch out for.

1. You look like a haunted ventriloquist’s dummy.

Take a good look in the mirror – do you look like you should be sitting on the knee of a man in a dinner jacket who is telling a joke while drinking a glass of water?

2. You are not good at maths. (via)

3. You think qualifications are unnecessary.

Teachers don’t really need to be qualified to teach and run schools, right? It’s not like they’re in charge of anything valuable. Heck, why bother training doctors, or waste time taking a driving test? We’ve probably played enough Grand Theft Auto to get a rough idea of how cars work.

4. You hate people who go on strike. (via)

You also have a short memory.

5. You use Taylor Swift songs as a metaphor (via)

6. This is your sex face (NSFW)

7. Everyone you work with hates you.

To be fair, this could apply to most of us. But if everyone you work with hates you and says everything you do is wrong, there’s a good chance you are Michael Gove.

Bonus warning sign: not dealing well with icy pavements.

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