18 Pumpkin carvings to inspire/terrify this Halloween

Stuck for a new and interesting way to carve a pumpkin this Halloween? This list may inspire you – or put you off forever.

1. Vamp-kins? Pump-ires?

2. Pumpkin slayer

3. ASBO pumpkin

4. Trick Or Treat?

5. Halloween Nappy

6. Hipster pumpkin

7. Pumpkin Pi

8. The Halloween Hangover 

9. The Deer Hunter, With Pumpkins

10. In Space, No One Can Hear You Halloween

11. Bert & Ernie

12. Bored of Halloween already

 (via @NatalieShirlaw)

(via @NatalieShirlaw)


13. Truly Terrifying 

14. Heisen-pumpkin-berg

15. Quantum Of Pumpkin

16. How Pumpkins Are Born

17. Why Not Wear the Pumpkin?


18. Or Just Ditch The Pumpkin Altogether…

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