Poke Challenge: Animals With Human Hair

Today you’ve been putting human hair on animals. Don’t ask why, just enjoy this selection of the best.

By @BiscuitAhoy

By @Will_H_Moore

By @NellFrizzell

By @SJBerrington

By @PhilLucas

Mo-hawk By @TooSkool4Cool

Cappuccino Monkey By @kitkant

Keith Lemon Meerkats by @BenedictFarse

By ‘Peek-a-boo’ Proboscis by @Brandy_Snap

A non-photoshop version by @Trudski2012

Flock Of Seagull by @ricrow

Doggy Partonby @a_blooming_loss

Simon Owell by @thrivedigital

By @TechnicallyRon

By @shazwildcat

Bald Eagle by @thrivedigital