Poke Challenge: Celebrity Babies

Today you’ve been using your electronic mischief machines to create images of babies that look like famous people. Not creepy at all…

You’re gonna like this….not a lot. The Future King of Magic. (via @CredulousMoron)

It’s a well known fact that newborn babies all look like Churchill (via @dekhogan)

Be very afraid. Baby David… (if he’s not blocked himself). (via @Brandy_Snap)

Ryan Gosling. The day he first refused to eat his cereal (nod to @RyanWMcHenry) (via @quebectango)

Danny Dyer (via @BlueMerleBill)

Cameron, the last time he gave a shit (pictured with his book of empty promises) (via @quebectango)

Baby Gollum playing with his ring! (via @JustinLeeming)

Baby Barton (via @thrivedigital)

George Galloway. (via @scottywrotem)

Young potty-mouth, Baby Sugar. (via @Brandy_Snap)

George Osborne. (via @scottywrotem)

Steve Babescemi… (via @megabren)

There’s tears as young Baby Gove fails his potty training… (via @Brandy_Snap)

Baby Statham, a born bruiser. (via @audiopsyence)

Richard Hammond was not a bonny baby. (via @audiopsyence)

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