The Guardian launches own-brand perfume

Guardian News: “We wanted something that smelled like an Apple – the computer, not the fruit,” says fragrance developer Marsha Welks, “with a hint of free-trade coffee, the aroma of an organic veg box and that warm, intimate feeling of psychological analysis.”


Following the successful launch of it’s own coffee shop, The Guardian is to branch out into consumer goods, starting with their own-brand perfume, G-spot.

Designed for The Guardian reader “who likes a light sprinkling of liberalism all over their views,” it’s hoped that the perfume and the coffee shop will help to boost profits as circulation figures continue to drop.

“The G-spot is everywhere,” says The Guardian’s new head of Branded Product Relations Development, Jeremy de la Boltine.

“It’s in all shapes and sizes. It’s in G-units. It’s G-lobal. Yes it’s sexy, yes it’s intelligent, yes it’s politically aware if not necessarily active. We wanted to create the essence of what it means to be a Citizen of Now. We wanted to create not just a moment, but a message, a message in fragrant form that says ‘hello world – now smell me.’

“It’s like an aromatic tweet for the 21st century socially networked bi-cultural electro-parent. On ice.”

G-spot will be available from The Guardian’s website as well as selected vintage clothing outlets and blogger-friendly organic juice bars across the Hoxton area of London.

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