Poke Challenge: Classic Film Posters Made Shite

We asked you to take a great film and make an atrociously off-putting film poster for it. Here are some highlights…

The Dark Knight

By @deany_uk

Silence Of The Lambs

by Tim Wilkinson

Jurassic Park

By @quebectango

Blow Up

by @thrivedigital


By @alreadytaken74

American Beauty

By @Jeffwni


By @craiguito


By @mightyjimpo


by @Brandy_Snap

The 6th Sense

By @Pundamentalism

Reservoir Dogs

by @RealRobBentley

Mint Club

By @scottywrotem

The Birds

By @MarcusIles

For Your Eyes Only

By @jimmythepea

The Kings Peach

by @Brandy_Snap

Beauty And The Feast

by @thejamesgilbert

Training Day

By @Charlie_Ferg

Dirty Harry

When Tony Stark resorted to TIN!

By @JustinLeeming

Breakfast At Tiffanys

8 Mile

by @ThePsyentistUK

The Usual Suspects

By @mwarrilow

Rear Window

By @simontm71

Florence Of Arabia

By @RigidBones


Marley and Me

by @0point5twins


By @megabren

Batman Biggins

By @country_vince

Clockwork Orange

by @Jeffwni

This Is England

by @Shapree123

Life Of Pie

Attack Of The 50ft Woman

by @Cartoonist4Hire

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