Twitter reacts to Ed Balls Day

LIVE BLOG >> Today it’s the 2nd anniversary of Ed Balls Day.

For a full explanation into the history of the internet event click here.

We’ll be tracking the celebrations throughout the day.

22:04 Ed Balls Vs Doctor Who (via @AndrewDBradley)

21:30 Here’s a sneak peek of The Times Ed Balls Day souvenir edition (by @themediatweets)

16:08 Ed Balls – has tweeted…

14:24 Phenomenal piece of work by @beardedgenius (from his blog) 13:22: Ed Balls Of Fire

13:13 Mill n’ Eds excellent Ed Balls Day Adventure (by @1970RobD)

13:05 People are making cards

13:00 Future gazing…

  12:54The BBC lunchtime news

by @vellend

11:34 Too mainstream for some…

11:25 What’s on TV?

11:21 The big guy has spoken

10:25 A warning from the future

10:11 Stay strong people…

10:06 Ed Balls is trending. But so is Norfolk. 09:57 It’s overwhelming for some

09:48 What happened to Match Of The Day? (via @paolohutchi) 09:42 Fair comment

09:32 Emotional stuff….


by @Okeating

09:23 Can someone do this?

09:17 Good use of Twitter’s lesser used characters and fonts here

09:09 Former deputy labour leader @johnprescott has changed his avatar to Ed Balls.. 08:15 Bit of cynicism from some tweeters – but generally the mood of the nation is upbeat

08:07 It’s overwhelming for some

08:05 Facebook cover photos are being shared


07:47 Mr @themediatweets and his family have an Ed Balls Day Song..

07:43 @TOther_Simon is getting a tattoo

07:36 Google customise their landing page

 07:05 I’m up early. I’ve got my T-shirt on. (you can get one here)

03:30 Australia wakes up…