How to make a stunning ‘Swimming Pool Party Cake’

You’ve got a kids party coming up – so why not save the pennies by making the little ones a magical cake to mark that special occasion.

As my lovely missus did yesterday.

1. Firstly you will need a fun cake design book. This one by Annabel Karmel.

2. Flick through to the ‘Swimming Pool Party Cake’ recipe page – this is what it looks like.

Pretty amazing huh?

2. Now you’re ready to layer the sponge base..

3. Then build up the sides of the pool with wafers and add white chocolate ‘slabs’

4. Quickly refer back to the original design to make sure you get those finishing touches exactly right.

You’re now finished.

5. Well done.

You nailed it….

(still crying, sorry Cath had to post, please don’t stop with the cake art x)