Fridge Defence: 10 Ways To Stop People Stealing Your Food

Food thieves are an age old problem. But how does the internet deal with people who help themselves to your sarnies?

1. Leave no doubt about what isn’t Debbies.

2. Revenge is a dish best served… high.

3. Likewise, revenge is a dish best expressed from the teat.

4. Always read the small print.

5. Consider weaponising your food.

6. Although a war of passive-aggressive fridge notes can easily escalate.

7. Why not give your lunch (or cutlery) some ‘special seasoning’?

8. Camouflage your lunch.

9. The classic, subtle, ‘threaten to cut them’ approach.

10. If threatening to cut someone doesn’t work, grab a plastic spoon and take it to the next level.