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Here’s Donald Trump talking alongside the Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni during a visit to the White House on Thursday.

Here’s what Trump had to say:

“Through the ages your country has been a beacon of artistic and scientific achievement.

“That continues today, from Venice to Florence, from Verdi to Pavarotti, friend of mine, great friend of mine.”

Pavarotti died in 2007 and his family are certainly no great friends of Trump,

They called on the so-called president to stop him using his music during his presidential campaign last year. This is what they said:

“The values of brotherhood and solidarity which Luciano Pavarotti expressed throughout the course of his artistic career are entirely incompatible with the worldview offered by the candidate Donald Trump.”

Here’s Trump’s use of Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma in action.

So maybe not such a “great friend” then.

People were split on where to rank this in Trump’s all-time gaffe top 100.


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