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It’s one of the longest-running rivalries on Twitter, Piers Morgan v Gary Lineker.


Now the pair have been at it again, “Tubs” (as Lineker calls Morgan) and “Jugs” (as Morgan calls Lineker) exchanging blows over the way newspapers should be regulated.

And like nearly every spat between the pair, it was Lineker who had the final word after telling Morgan he was “always so over the top”.

To which Lineker responded…

Here’s more from our favourite Twitter feud, starting with Morgan’s support for Donald Trump.

On Morgan’s calorie consumption.

When Morgan lost his CNN talkshow.

When Morgan met Dynamo.

When Morgan described Lineker as a “goal hanger”.

After Morgan vowed to take extreme action if his beloved Arsenal suffered another defeat…

And then there was the time Morgan tweeted a photo of himself with Lineker’s then wife, Danielle Bux.

The exchange didn’t end there.

When Morgan won a GQ award and Lineker didn’t.

Morgan didn’t let it lie, and neither did Lineker.

When Morgan’s ITV talkshow was replaced by an England football match.

When Frankie Boyle joined in, Morgan said it was like a “half-witted version of the Chuckle brothers”.

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