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MerryAntoinette over on Reddit writes, “It took me a minute to comprehend that my 5yo had invented a new hands-free iPad technology…”

  • “Just tried this with my table. Does not work through wood guys” writes Jardolam_
  • “You have a five year old and a glass table? I too like to live dangerously” writes Inactivated
  • “This gives me an idea! What if we took one of those ipads, put it up against a wall, and then people could like, sit on the couch or something and watch it? What do you think?” notes IShouldGetOffline

Also PainMatrix notes, “This was a lot more dangerous 20 years ago:”

Source: Reddit

Breaking News: The tweet sent by the guy in charge of the Oscars envelopes minutes before the best picture balls-up


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