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Sinister disembodied hands, weirdly elongated fingers or hands that are simply far too large or small – clearly the prehensile, multi-fingered organ located at the end of our forearm is the professional photoshopper’s worst enemy.

1. The mysterious extra hand in this motorbike ad.

2. And the third man-hand in this ad for Target.

3. And the disembodied hand in this catalogue.

4. The utter mess that is the hand on this Simply Be model.

5. And the vanishing bag snatched from the hand of this Victoria’s Secret model.

6. Another phantom hand on this 2012 Olympic photo from the NBC website.

7. An extra helping hand on the cover of Le Parisien.

8. The perfect hand to use a Blackberry?

9. This man’s massive digits.

10. And this woman’s tiny little grabbers.

Breaking News: This post-surgery dog looks very "relaxed"


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