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James Fridman has made a pact with the world – you send him your photos that you want fixed and he’ll fix them. For free.

And what an amazing job he does too: here’s nine of his absolute best.

1. Hi James, could you please make my dad look the other way, cos it’s a bit awkward! hahahahaha thanks xxx

2. Hey J! Would it be possible to put a tattoo of an angle with little wings on my belly? Thnxxxx

3. Mate can you fix that ironing board, make the boobies bigger hahaha lemme have a look. Cheers!

4. Hello. My name is Andrei and I’m from Russia, and lie on the beach here in Russia but I would like to pay in America

5. Jamesss, please make my booty bigggerrr, kim k style wanna make them bitches jelous hehe tnx

6. Hey Jamieee, pleasseee can u make my legs longer, they look shorter here than they really are! thank you! xxx

7. Hey Jamsie, my friend took this pic of me but that ugly creature spoiled it ((( can u pls remove it, thank u!

8. Hi James, could you please cut me out and send to Miami beach with some hot girls. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!

9. Photoshop gurus! Please remove that embarrassment from this photo :(( Thankxxxx

And finally…

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