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Disgruntled neighbours are righting wrongs with passive-aggressive notes complaining about loud sex, defecating dogs, wifi and loud music.

Here are 22 of the absolute best.

1. ‘Your Bass Speakers Are Amazing’

2. Elevator grievance.

3. ‘To The People That Kept Us Up All Night’

4. Rowing over Wifi.

5. Dog poop dispute

6. ‘Here’s a recording of you having sex’

7. Spotted in Edinburgh

8. Bowling elephants

9. Finish Her!

10. Your picture here

11. Christmas Music complaint

12. A Friendly Haiku

13. Stealing Plants

14. Exocism

15. We do not like flute

16. No need to call the cops again

17. Old Lady!

18. I hope You drown.

19. Do Not trust the big cat

20. There is no lock

21. Smoking cat

22. ‘I don’t piss in your mouth for hours on end so please stop shitting in my ears’

We’re just thankful we don’t live anywhere near any of these people

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