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Think you know all about your favourite celebs? Think again, as many of them harbor astonishing secrets that you simply won’t believe. Prepare to have your mind blown!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio also works in The Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation.

2. In between movies, Johnny Depp works as a postman.

3. Rihanna is actually two small people, one standing on the other’s shoulders.

4. Billy Joel also moonlights as a dying Anakin Sywalker.

5. When not running for President, Donald Trump is a wave.

6. The US Office’s Steve Carell is also a small business owner in Turkey.

7. 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain spends his free time being Voldemort.

8. When not acting or directing, Steve Buscemi busies himself being a newborn baby.

9. Paul McCartney is actually a woman called Pauline.

10. The Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl presented Changing Rooms during 2003–04.


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