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Sometimes adverts can be clever, funny and memorable. Other times they are none of these things – here are eleven slogans are not so much Mad Men and more Incredibly Lazy, Possibly Drunk Men.

1. The perfect slogan to inspire confidence in airline safety. (via)


2. Thankfully there isn’t a town called ‘Cremate’ (via)


3. A Vietnamese soft drink clearly inspired by the Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 ad. (via)


4. Previously rejected slogans include “It’s this!”, “It’s a thing?” and “It exists”. (via)


5. Leave the G off ‘nothing’ to make it more casual, in case the rest made it sound too classy. (via)


6. McDonald’s felt that the previous slogan “Prepare your mouth-anus” was a bit too strong. (via)


7. “We need to subtly link our product to diarrhea.” (via)


8. Just in case consumers question why they’re drinking booze out of a plastic bag. (via)


9. More unrealistic beauty standards for cat food. (via)


10. Be specific about all the great tourist attractions you offer. (via)


11. “What do you mean we have to present the new slogan to the client in five minutes?” (via)



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