1. Nigella Lawson
Nigella has been giving evidence in court this week, but judging by the unflattering courtroom sketches the artist clearly hates her recipe for ham cooked in Coca-Cola. (via)

Here she is as ‘strict yet sexy 1950′s schoolteacher’. You can almost taste the judge’s tears. (via)

2. Paris Hilton
Because when you think of Paris Hilton, the words ‘strong masculine jawline’, ‘five o’clock shadow’ and ‘Easter Island’ are the things that come to mind. (via)

3. Lindsay Lohan
The loose, freeform style of the sketch is great – they’ve really captured the essence of her… giant belt? (via)

4. Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt
From the famous courtroom trial when Jenn got Jesus (or a 1980′s WWF wrestler) to sit next to her. (via)

5. Winona Ryder
Not the worst artistic depiction of Winona Ryder, but it does beg the question: why is Eddie Izzard giving evidence? (via)

6. Halle Berry
Why the Halle is her neck so long? Was she in court for eating leaves from the top of a tree? (via)

7. Vicky Huhne
The ex-wife of justice-perverting Lib Dem Chris Huhne was presumably under intense cross questioning about why her head is so massively out of proportion to her body. (via)

8. Rebekah Brooks
Has Rebekah been staring at so many mobile phones that she’s gone cross-eyed? (via)

9. Steven Spielberg
It’s a reasonable likeness of the director, but it does make you wonder why Spielberg is playing an invisible flute in court. (via)

10. John Terry
This courtroom sketch is less ‘Premier League racist’ and more ‘depressed Foxton’s estate agent’. (via)

11. Amy Winehouse
Let’s end this with a sketch that isn’t bad or unflattering. Here, Amy is pictured showing the court how short she is without high heels – and it’s glorious. (via)

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