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1. Spending more time indoors [via]

2. Going Viking [via]

 3. Knitted Onesies. Yes, really. [via]

4. Bread Gloves – warm AND delicious [via]

5. Horse Pyjamas

6. Statement Scarves

7. Beard Hats [via]

8. Remembering to bring the cat in

9. Decorating your freezer compartment

10. Sweary gloves [via]

11. This reversible Chewbacca Hoodie [via]

12. An infinity jumper

13. Transforming you pet into a ‘Stegatortoise’

14. Warning!

Breaking News: Today Theresa May confused 'terrorism' with 'tourism' during a speech


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    The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library has been trolling Trump on Twitter
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    “The year my father got my mother a hoover for Christmas 1984”
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    This copy of the Evening Standard found on a train has a certain ring of truth to it
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