President Obama needs your help starting World War III! Find out how you can help!

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  • Jim

    Whoever did the subtitles should be the first to be parachuted into Syria. Bad job. “rockets controls my iPad’s”? Just one example.

    September 12, 2013 at 2:04 pm
  • M.S

    Yay for more right wing propaganda paid for by Koch Industries, the bringers of hate and discord the world over.

    September 12, 2013 at 6:38 pm
  • Que?

    Paid for by Koch Industries, the climate-change denying American oil barons who want less regulation of corporations don’t even give two hoots about their local environment.

    Now we’re meant to believe they really care about some war in the Middle East and are not just jumping at the opportunity to take a bite at Obama.

    September 12, 2013 at 8:36 pm