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1. If you book a holiday in Britain the weather will do this [via]

2. There is no reason to become unduly paranoid about wasps – however this anatomically accurate diagram will hope you come to understand them better. [via]

3. Organise an office sports day [via]

4. Rent a speedboat

5. Invest in some new swimwear

– doing it RIGHT [via]

– doing it WRONG

6. First time wearers – maybe practise wearing that bikini before you get to the beach

7. Small children will enjoy a travel adventure [via]

 8. However they like to make their own entertainment when they get there [via]

9. In hot weather they can be prone to de-hydration [via]

10. It will be easy to locate your seat on the aircraft [via]

– you must always read the aircraft safety leaflet [via]

11. Always make a spectacular entrance to a pool party [via]

12. If you don’t know anyone with a pool – improvise [via]

13. …and stage a water ballet

14. But if music is involved – have a qualified electrician on stand-by [via]

15. Ice cream vans are best parked in a shaded area [via]

16. Barbecue on any device you can get your hands on

– a deposit of £1 will get you this…

– however if you have a spare tractor kicking around ‘go Redneck’

– your neighbours will always try and show you up [via]

17. Always approve any photographs taken by your guests

18. Your pets will enjoy dining al fresco too.

19. Water is fun

20. … but pranks should be carefully rehearsed

21. Aim to achieve an all over golden tan

22. …new French technology might help with this

23. This is the ideal season for you to hone your diving skills

– and finesse your ‘Dive Face’ [via]

24. You will be needing sunglasses [via]

25. Maybe teach Grandma a new sport

26. or build epic sandcastles with these ROBO ARMS [via]

27. Restore your inner-zen with a ‘naked forest picnic for one’

28. Be wary of local restaurant promotions [via]

29. Book a day-trip – somewhere special

29. Gentlemen – personal grooming will be important consideration if you are planning on removing your shirt…

30…and if you didn’t make the time to work on your six pack you will have to improvise

31. Be warned – things can ‘happen’ during a siesta

32. Most beaches will have adequate car parking facilities near by

33. If you’re an adrenalin junkie take up Shark Fishing

34. If you’re lucky you may spot a seahorse

35. Not all inflatables are appropriate for beach use

36. Why swim when you can ‘sub’? [via]

37. Beware the Kraken [via]

38. Experiment with ‘tactical tanning’

– can be cute

– or appalling

39. The combination of dogs and sprinklers is always magical

– cats too…

40. If all else fails….

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