The festival season is upon us. What’s not to like about music festivals?

1. The unique line-up

2. The lighting guy [via]

3. The sweet-smelling facilities

4. The Instagram fodder

5. The Folk Stage
6. The unexpected reunion [via]

7. The new friendships 




8. The friendly traders

9. The health and safety notices


10. The sun-kissed meadows
11. Sleeping under the stars

12. The requests for furniture

13. The Glamping…



14. The priceless reactions to those exhibitionists


15. Their first festival


16. The festival dancers. Click to play.

17. The shopping

18. The innovations



19. The douche-bags



20. The douche-bag solution


21. The kids entertainment area

22. The festival fashions





23. The team spirit

24. The romantic snaps that end up on the internet 

25. The car parks

Whatever your thing..there’s a festival for everyone….

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