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The good people of Twitter have marked the occasion of the late Prime Minister’s passing.

Here are some of the pictorial highlights. Did we miss any? Tweet us…

‘Anyone else spot the similarity between the Krays/this pair today?’

by @1970RobD

‘Louise Mensch arrives at the funeral in typically understated manner.’

by @DocHackenbush as suggested by @NickMotown

‘Most confused protester of the day’

(via @thejamesgilbert)

‘A Very British Protest…’

(via @dejonghmichael + @andrewbloch)

‘George Osborne’s moment of grief…’

by @Unnamedinsider

‘George Osborne, in happier times’

via @welsh_gas_doc

‘Shocking Grantham Protest Riot Overshadows Thatcher funeral’

(via @parkyrich + @Journaledit)

‘Two people watching Lady Thatcher’s funeral in Leeds city centre’

(via @IanWhiteNews)

‘and Bradford’

(via @deadbloke)

Video Exclusive >> The Internet: A Warning From History


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