Bigotry News: Extraordinary pictures of Richard Littlejohn surfaced on the internet today as the Daily Mail columnist continued to fight accusations of bullying transgender teacher Lucy Meadows.

After Meadows committed suicide last week, the Mail has been inundated with appeals to sack Littlejohn for attacking her in his column.

The photographs, posted anonymously on various websites including, have become a viral sensation. Both Littlejohn and editor Paul Dacre say they are ‘outraged’.

“These private pictures of Richard in one of my bras, taken at home while preparing for a fancy dress party, which show his lighter side and that he is in no way bigoted against the transgender community, are nothing to do with us.”

“The fact that they have surfaced now is not part of any scheme to deflate the negative publicity in a cunning, internet-savvy way.”

“Richard sticks by what he said: kids are too young to understand a man wearing a dress telling them what to think. This country is an absolute mess as it is. Personally I blame the decline in church attendance.”

Story: Jasper Gibson

Image: Q4Nobody

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3 Responses

  • Mark Kraft

    Richard Littlejohn lives in Florida most of the time. Fortunately, I’m really good at researching public data.

    Specifically, he lives at 936 Roland Miller Drive, Vero Beach, Florida in a $1.3M mini-mansion. Trulia has all sorts of lovely pictures of *inside* his house, while Google shows a sporty red car with a moon roof parked in front.

    Of course, *this* doesn’t constitute a violation of privacy, because unlike Lucy Meadows, Richard Littlejohn is a newsworthy, well-recognized public figure.

    March 25, 2013 at 2:31 pm
  • Toby

    Ha, that’s good.
    I especially love the comment above, I wonder if there is any other personal information we can find?
    Perhaps it might be time to have some equal justice against this disgusting specimen and organize 24 hour harassment outside his home, calling his work, calling his friends and family, asking his community what they think about having a scummy tabloid gossip merchant living in their neighborhood.

    Do you think we could drive this fucktard to suicide with enough harassment? And would we get off if it did?

    March 25, 2013 at 7:03 pm
  • Ron

    Shame that the pic shows Littlejohn after his breast reduction procedure. Wot a pr of whoppers he used to have. Full of the milk of human kindness too of course.

    March 26, 2013 at 10:02 am