Twitter News: The Israeli Government has announced plans to ‘win the hearts of the world’ by getting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu trending on Twitter.

“We see the intense, unquestioning dedication amongst his fans that Justin Bieber commands on Twitter, and we thought we’d try a similar approach,” said Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak.

 “If anyone questions Bieber or dislikes his music, millions of his fans leap to his defence, passionately destroying those they perceive as enemies of their icon.”

“If millions will gladly defend a monster like Beiber, we hope to inspire a similar passion with the #TeamNetanyahu hashtag. Anyone suggesting a cease fire or peace talks will be drowned out by abuse, spelling mistakes and the over-punctuated tweets of #TeamNetanyahu.”

Barak says they are also planning a similar campaign on Facebook, asking users to ‘like’ the possible Israeli ground operation into the Gaza Strip.

Story: Simon Swatman

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  • gael bage


    In your war-torn polarised world
    where all your hate is unfurled
    you are heartless dynosaurs.
    Know that no one wins wars !.
    Bombed – a whole family dies
    hear the wounded childs cries.
    Your religious dogma feeds
    cruelty, as palestine bleeds.
    from inhumanity to fellow man .
    We ask, when will you refrain
    from inflicting this hurt and pain ?
    Inhumanity to your fellow man,
    more young lives down the pan
    Restore love and compassion
    which is religions true passion,
    Severe trauma has no voice
    but conscience has a choice.
    Inflicting misery on your enemy
    is a denial of your own humanity
    Come to the negotiating table
    so that peace can be enabled
    May compassion be the instrument
    to realise your enlightenment.

    November 19, 2012 at 4:16 pm