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  • alex mckee

    why do kate and william think they are so special? they are public figures and know that the press are always trying to take pics, they even pose for pics, so why then are they so surprised at these pics? yes if kate wants to go topless she can, but why the carnival now that the pics are out. they are like any other celeb out there no more no less so i suggest they get over themselves, to be honest i think they are making it worse, they are keeping it in the publics minds by making such a song and dance over it. so let the press publish the pics, harry didnt make such a fuss, or maybe its the fact that william has his hand on what looks like her ass with her pants nearly off in one pic. you dont want these photos in the papers, then keep your top and your pants on. but for now, just get over yourselfs.

    September 17, 2012 at 5:20 pm


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