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Celebrity News: A delighted Heather Mills announced the arrival of much needed publicity yesterday, after she became embroiled in the phone hacking scandal that is now enveloping the Mirror newspaper group.

heather mills delighted to finally be part of phone hacking scandal

Heather Mills is both thrilled and excited to announce the arrival of this story,” her publicist confirmed yesterday.

The little bundle of joy, believed to weigh in at a hefty 2 to 3 pages, was delivered at 2.53pm yesterday afternoon.

The former Mrs. McCartney has ‘long suspected’ her voicemail had been hacked, after she emailed her pin number to every tabloid hack in the UK a few years ago.

Basking in the warm glow of exposure, a ‘happy and healthy’ Ms Mills greeted the mass ranks of reporters at a pre-arranged spot to spontaneously read a prepared statement.

“I cannot believe my luck, like,” she gushed, “I’m going to get on Newsnight and everything. Thank you, Mirror Group! And I must also make a special mention of the editor at the time – Piers Morgan – and thank him so dearly for all his help.”


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